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Getting Started

What is LTI

LTI, which stands for "learning tools interoperability", is a standard for integration of rich learning applications within educational environments. Within the standard, there are many protocols and versions of protocols. The most popular of which is LTI 1.3.

Implementing the LTI 1.3 protocol and all of it's services can be a very difficult, time consuming task, but using LTIAAS any project can be easily turned into a fully LTI 1.3 compliant learning tool, with minimal alterations to the project's codebase.

Who we are

LTI As A Service (LTIAAS) was founded with the goal of dramatically decreasing the complexity of implementing the LTI protocol. LTIAAS is not affiliated with 1EdTech Consortium, Inc.

What we do

LTIAAS works as a middleman between your application and any LTI compliant LMS, handling all of the communication and giving you access to a powerful API that allows you to take advantage of the various LTI functionalities, like grade manipulation and roster retrieval.


Section summary

This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up your free LTIAAS account and getting your very first LTI integration up and running withing minutes.

Next steps

You can start building your LTI integration by creating a free LTIAAS account. Please see the Account Setup and Deploy guide for more information.

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