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The process we follow

Tell us your what services you would like and get your own free * subdomain with a private API just for you. Write some very simple code to connect your website or service to your private LTI API service hosted by LTIAAS.

LTIAAS then automates the connection between your website or service to all LTI compatible LMSs around the globe. Want to make it even easier for LMSs to connect with you? Enable our industry-first dynamic registration service to make initial customer connections with LTI push-button.

marca path
  • Launch

    After installing your tool in an LMS, users can launch your tool via the * subdomain we provide.

  • Redirect

    LTIAAS handles all the authentication. After a secure handshake with the LMS, we redirect the user to your tool with a secure key.

  • Endpoints

    Use the secure key we send with each user to access additional endpoints in the LTIAAS API such as assignments and grades.

  • Deploy

    When you're ready to go live, deploy your LTI integration to customers using the programming language and framework you prefer.

1// Retrieve ID Token after launch
2app.get('/app', async (req, res, next) => {
3  // Get the ltik token generated by the LTI Launch
4  const ltik = req.query.ltik
5  // Build authorization header
6  const authorizationHeader = `LTIK-AUTH-V1 Token=${ltik}, Additional=Bearer ${API_KEY}`
7  // Get the idtoken using the LTIaaS API
8  const url = ''
9  const idtoken = await request.get(url, { 
10    headers: { Authorization: authorizationHeader }
11  }).json()
12  return res.send(idtoken)

A very powerful and easy to use RESTful API

LTI Launch - Retrieve an ID Token

Receive launch requests and securely validate the user with the API

Memberships - Get user information

Get the current user's id, email, name, roles, and more inside the current Platform context.

Submit a Grade

Submit a new grade for the assignment your tool is providing.

Deep Linking

Provide the user with a selection screen embedded in their LMS.

Platform Registration

Register your tool with an LMS to enable the required secure authentication.


LTIAAS is trusted by some of the largest names in ed-tech. Our API supports over 200,000 users every month.

  • cpm
  • exputo
  • university montpellier
  • polytech french universities
  • dawn sign press
  • my matt
  • engage fast learning
  • blending space

choose the best solution

The LTIAAS API is trusted by many in ed-tech because of how simple it is to integrate and how reliable it is to use. LTIAAS can typically be integrated into an existing product in under a week.

  • 1day

    Sign-up for your free * subdomain and start reading our docs. Want more help? We offer consulting services too.

  • 2day

    Set up your launch and deep-linking URLs to receive HTTP-GET requests after we authenticate users and test it out on an LTIAAS test LMS.

  • 3day

    Design your landing pages for LTI launches and write some simple code to get the authenticated user information from an LTIAAS API query.

  • 4day

    Add features to your app with more advanced API calls like assignments and grades, and names and roles.

  • 5day

    Do more testing of your app in a real LTI-capable LMS. Use our demo LMSs if you'd like. Finally, deploy and start connecting with customers!

Choose Your Plan

Let's choose the package that is best for you. Unlike some of our competitors, at LTIAAS we believe in letting you choose only what you need and not making you buy something you don't. Use ourPricing Calculatorto understand your costs before you subscribe to LTIAAS.

Core: Base Package
Core: Base Package
AuthLaunchID TokenUnlimited PlatformsCustom Subdomain

$ 0.02 / MAU

MAU = Monthly Active Users
    Core: Base Package
    Core: Base Package
    AuthLaunchID TokenUnlimited PlatformsCustom Subdomain

    $ 0.02 / MAU

    MAU = Monthly Active Users
  • Addon

    Deep Linking
    Multiple AppsCustom Activities

    + $ 0.003 / MAU

  • Addon

    Names and Roles
    List all students in a classIdentify teachers and admins

    + $ 0.004 / MAU

  • Addon

    Assignments and Grades
    Get a list of assignmentsPost grades back to class

    + $ 0.006 / MAU

  • Addon

    Dynamic Registration
    Simplify LMS registrationLower barrier to entry

    + $ 10 / Month

Learn more about how our pricing scales as you grow on our pricing page.

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