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Build LTI®-ready apps quickly

How it works

LTIAAS works as a middleman between your application and any LTI® compliant LMS, handling all of the communication.

You have access to a powerful API that allows you to take advantage of the various LTI® functionalities, like SSO, grade manipulation and roster retrieval.

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  • Deploy

    Quickly deploy your LTI® integration for to customers using your programming language and framework of choice.

  • Launch

    Set up your LTI® integration in an LMS so users can launch to your application.

  • Connect

    LTIAAS will perform the LTI® handshake and redirect the user to your application.

  • Integrate

    Use our API to access any of the many LTI® services and expand your LTI® integration.

const url = ''
const response = requests.get(url, { headers })
const userInfo = response['user']
const lmsInfo = response['platform']
const launchInfo = response['launch']
const servicesInfo = response['services']

A very easy-to-use API

Retrieve an ID Token

Retrieve information about the LTI® launch through the ID Token.

Retrieve course roster

Retrieve a list of users enrolled in a course.

Manipulate Grade Lines

Retrieve, create, update and delete grade lines in the LMS.

Manipulate Grades

Retrieve, submit and update grades in the LMS.

Perform Deep Linking

Allow teachers to select specific resources from within your application.

+ 1.5 million

LTIAAS is trusted by some of the largest names in ed-tech. Our API serves over 1.5 million requests every month.

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Build your own plan

Core: Base Package
Core: Base Package
AuthLaunchID TokenUnlimited PlatformsCustom Subdomain5 free MAU

$ 0.03 / MAU (or less)

MAU = Monthly Active Users
    Core: Base Package
    Core: Base Package
    AuthLaunchID TokenUnlimited PlatformsCustom Subdomain5 free MAU

    $ 0.03 / MAU (or less)

    MAU = Monthly Active Users
  • Addon

    Deep Linking
    Multiple AppsCustom Activities

    + $ 0.0045 / MAU

  • Addon

    Names and Roles
    List all students in a classIdentify teachers and admins

    + $ 0.006 / MAU

  • Addon

    Assignments and Grades
    Get a list of assignmentsPost grades back to class

    + $ 0.01 / MAU

  • Addon

    Dynamic Registration
    Simplify LMS registrationLower barrier to entry

    + $ 10 / Month

Learn more about how our pricing scales as you grow on our pricing page.*

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