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Schoology - Manual Registration


To set up LTIAAS with Schoology you need to:

  1. Create a new tool in the Schoology installation
  2. Register the Schoology installation inside LTIAAS
  3. Do a test launch

1) Create a new tool in the Schoology installation

  1. Login to your Schoology installation as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to 'Grid Icon' -> 'App Center'
  3. Then choose 'Organization Apps' or 'My developer Apps' depending on your intention.
    schoology app center
  4. On the next page, click 'Add App'
  5. In the resulting form, fill out the data, such as name and description, as you see fit. At the bottom of the form, choose Type of App = 'LTI 1.3 App' and configure the tool with the following information:

    • Privacy: Choose the user information you tool needs
    • Deep Linking: CHECKED <- If you have the LTIAAS deep linking service enabled
    • Assignments and Grade Services: CHECKED <- If you have the LTIAAS assignments and grades service enabled
    • Names and Roles Services: CHECKED <- If you have the LTIAAS names and roles service enabled
    • JWKS URL:
    • Domain/URL:
    • Public key type: Keyset URL
    • OIDC Login Init URL:
    • Redirect URLs: schoology registration
  6. Accept the terms and click the 'Submit' button at the bottom when the form is filled. You can always go back and change this form later if you need to.

  7. Back on the list of apps, find your app and click the 'Install LTI 1.3 APP. In the resulting dialogs:
    1. Click 'I Agree' i agree
    2. Click 'Continue' continue
    3. Choose where to install the app (i.e. 'Add to Organization' or 'Install for Me') install location
    4. You may be asked to choose where to make the app available. i.e. which courses/users should have access to the app.
  8. Back on the App Center list of apps, find your app and click 'Options' -> 'API Info'. In the resulting dialog, record the 'Client ID' for the next steps.

2) Register The Schoology Installation Inside LTIAAS

Follow the steps on the Registering Your First Platform page. Use the table below to help translate the information provided by the LMS to values needed in the LTIAAS registration process.

LTIAAS Registration API Name Schoology Provided Name
name Any name you would like that helps you identify your LMS
clientId Client ID
authConfig.method JWK_SET

3) Do A Test Launch

  1. In the Schoology installation, go to a course.
  2. Press the "Add Materials" button.
  3. Select the newly created tool. add materials
  4. If your app uses deep linking, yout deep linking content selection screen will appear. If not, give the Activity a name, set any other options to your liking, and click 'Save Changes'
  5. If the setup was successful, you should see the new tool launch successfully.

Important Note: When using deep linking, Schoology does not correctly set the tool provider when adding the tool. Once the tool link is added to the course, click the gear icon and then 'edit settings'. Change the Tool Provider field back to your tool name and the click 'Save Changes'. edit resource