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The /api/memberships endpoint implements the Names and Roles Provisioning Service and is used to retrieve a list of User memberships.

Retrieve memberships

/api/memberships GET LTIK_AUTH_V1



role String query
limit Number query
resourceLinkId Boolean query
url String query
  • role: Filters memberships by role. Possible role values are defined in the IMS Role Vocabularies.
  • limit: Limits the number of memberships returned.
  • resourceLinkId: Retrieves the Resource Link level memberships as specified in the IMS Resource Link Membership Service specification.
  • url: Retrieves memberships from a specific URL.
    • When present, the url parameter causes every other parameter to be ignored.
    • The url parameter should be URL encoded.
    • In cases where not all members are retrieved when the membership limit is reached, the returned object will contain a next field holding an URL that can be used to retrieve the remaining members through the url parameter.

Example usage

app.get('/get-members', async (req, res, next) => {
  const ltik = req.query.ltik
  const query = {
    role: 'Learner',
    limit: 10
  const authorizationHeader = `LTIK-AUTH-V1 Token=${ltik}, Additional=Bearer ${API_KEY}`
  const response = await request.get('', { searchParams: query, headers: { Authorization: authorizationHeader } }).json()
  return res.send(response.members)


Returns an object with a members field containing an array of User memberships. Only the user_id and roles fields of each membership are required to be returned by the Platform.

More information about User memberships can be found in the IMS Membership specification.

  • id - URL the memberships were retrieved from.
  • members - Array of User memberships.
  • context - Context the memberships were retrieved from.
  • next - URL of the next membership page. This field is only present if the membership limit was reached before the full members list was retrieved.

Example response

  id : '',
  context: {
    id: '2923-abc',
    label: 'CPS 435',
    title: 'CPS 435 Learning Analytics',
  next: '',
  members : [
      status : 'Active',
      name: 'Jane Q. Public',
      picture : '',
      given_name : 'Jane',
      family_name : 'Doe',
      middle_name : 'Marie',
      email: '',
      user_id : '0ae836b9-7fc9-4060-006f-27b2066ac545',
      lis_person_sourcedid: '59254-6782-12ab',
      roles: [