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Through the LTIaaS API it's possible to access all of the LTI® 1.3 services and functionalities.

Basic endpoints

The Base LTI endpoints are the ones that don't implement a LTI® 1.3 service and are usually not directly accessed by the Tool:

  • / - The base route is used to receive LTI® launches and redirect to the endpoints defined during the LTIaaS onboarding process.
  • /login - Used to receive login initiation requests at the start of the LTI® launch process.
  • /keys - Public keyset route, used by the Platforms to validate signed messages. Returns the public JWK to each registered Platform.
  • /register - Endpoint used to start Dynamic Registration Flow.
  • /register/canvas - Endpoint used to retrieve Canvas Registration JSON.

LTIaaS API Service endpoints

The LTIaaS API endpoints are the ones that implement the LTI® 1.3 services and are accessed directly by the Tool:

  • /idtoken [GET] - Retrieve IdToken for the current launch context.
  • /deeplinking - Create Deep Linking message or form.
    • /message [POST] - Create Deep Linking signed JWT containing Content Items chosen.
    • /form [POST] - Create Deep Linking self submitting form containing Content Items chosen.
  • /memberships [GET] - Retrieve a list of user memberships inside the current Platform context.
  • /lineitems [GET, POST] - Retrieve and create line items.
    • /:lineitemId [GET, PUT, DELETE] - Retrieve, update and delete a line item.
      • /scores [GET, POST] - Retrieve or Publish scores to a line item.

These routes are accessed with the prefix /api.

LTIaaS API Platforms endpoint

  • /platforms [GET, POST] - Retrieve or create Platform registrations.
    • /:platformID [GET, PUT, DELETE] - Retrieve, update or delete a Platform registration.
      • /:activate [POST] - Activates dynamically registered Platform.
      • /:deactivate [POST] - Dectivates dynamically registered Platform.

These routes are also accessed with the prefix /api.