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LTIAAS Pricing

Latest update: Dec 2, 2023

We operate on a simple pricing structure with no hidden fees, and you only pay for what you need. You can start using our API completely for free and only start paying once you start seeing significant API traffic. Once you set up a monthly subscription with us, we track the number of users (your customers) that are making LTI® requests and only bill you for the number of active users each month. For example, if you have one user that uses your LTI® tool every day, several times a day this month, we only bill you for one Monthly Active User (MAU). If you have 100 users, each using your tool only once this month, we will bill you for 100 MAU.

Our Pricing Structure

LTIAAS is completely free if you have 5 or less MAU. This makes it easy to test with our API as you get your LTI® tool up and running without any costs. Once you have more than 5 MAU, you will be charged for the additional users. LTIAAS uses graduated pricing, so while the base price for the core service is $0.02/MAU, once you go above 1,000 MAU, the next 19,000 users are billed at a lower price, and so on.

Monthly Active Users✝Core ($/MAU*)Deep Linking ($/MAU*)Grades ($/MAU*)Names & Roles ($/MAU*)Dynamic Registration
Users 1-5freefreefreefreefree
Users 6-1000$0.03$0.0045$0.01$0.006$10.00
Users 1,001-20,000$0.02$0.0033$0.0063$0.004$0.00
Users 20,001 - 100,000$0.01$0.0017$0.0034$0.0023$0.00
Users 100,001+$0.006$0.001$0.00185$0.0012$0.00

Pricing is subject to change

Pricing tiers are graduated

*$/MAU = USD per Monthly Active Users

Example Pricing

Here's an example monthly bill for a customer that has 2,000 Monthly Active users with a service plan that includes the mandatory Core service along with the Deep Linking and Dynamic Registration addons.

MAUCoreDeep LinkingDynamic RegistrationPrice
User 1-5$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Users 6-1000$0.03 * 995$0.0045 * 995$10.00 (flat)$44.33
Users 1,001-2000$0.02 * 1000$0.0033 * 1000$23.3
Total Monthly Bill$67.63

Pricing Calculator

Use the simple calculator below to enter in your API options and expected monthly users to get an idea of your expected monthly bill.


Special Features

FeatureFree TrialPlus PlanPro PlanEnterprise PlanSelf Hosted
Monthly Active User Limit5
Monthly Launch Limit500
Custom DomainsNoNo1101
Priority SupportNoNoYesYesYes
API Error NotificationsNoNoYesYesNo
Multiple Admins/RolesNoNoYesYesNo
Dedicated CPU/MemoryNoNoNoYesYou Host
Dedicated DatabaseNoNoNoYesYou Host

Launch and Usage Limits

All of our professional plans (Plus and above) have no restrictions on MAU and monthly launches. We limit the maximum number of MAU and launches in the free trial only.

Custom Domains

In the Free and Plus plans, accounts are limited to set up their APIs with * subdomains. In the Pro and Enterprise plans, accounts are welcome to use a subdomain of a domain that they own. For example, The LTIAAS Portal will guide you though the process of authorizing your custom domain with your LTIAAS API.

Priority Support

In the Pro and Enterprise plans, accounts have access to Priority Support. A private section in the LTIAAS Portal will allow you to make priority support requests that will be given priority over any other support request. We strive to respond to priority support requests within 2 hours during normal business hours, and almost alway respond in less than 24 hours any day of the week.

API Error Notifications

Some of our customers want to be notified if there is an error in our API service so that they can take immediate action. In the Pro and Enterprise plans, accounts will be able to enter an email address that the LTIAAS API error monitoring service will notify in the event of an internal LTIAAS error. The email will contain details of the error and a unique, traceable error code that you can use to ask LTIAAS to get more information about the error if needed.

Multiple Admins/Roles

Some of our customers require Role Based Access Control (RBAC). In the Pro and Enterprise plans, accounts will be able to have multiple administrator users with different levels of access to view or modify account details. Each administrator user has a unique login using either email/password or Google OAuth.

Dedicated CPU/Database

With the Enterprise plan, LTIAAS can set up a completely dedicated account. This includes dedicated, autoscaling CPU with a minimum performance benchmark of 400 requests/second. Also included is a dedicated database with 99.999% availability via automatic multi-region replication. This plan is perfect for customers that have a strict compliance protocol and want optimal performance. Once this is added to one account, you can share it with up to 10 accounts in your profile, all with free custom domains.

Comparing The Competition

The LTIAAS pricing model scales as your company grows its LTI® user base. We are proud of our incredibly competitive prices that enable access to learning tools in places our customers can't afford if they use our competitor's services. Below is a chart comparing our pricing to one of our largest competitors. Because we charge per ACTIVE user, we enable you to keep costs manageable as users come and go, and your overall LTI® user base scales.

LTIAAS Cost Comparison

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